The Stooges sound man is

Rik Hart

Rik was in the village people and used to dress up as a homosexualist, although he isn't really.A bit like the Chippendales. They're not really sofas.
Rick was the Straight One in the Village People for a short time. Well, a pair of shorts, actually. Very tight in the bolloquial area.

Rik lives in Edinburgh in Scotland, where he nurtures a pathological hatred of the letter "c", {see mis-spelled name}. He thinks missing out the "c" makes him look hard, whereas I would say it makes him look a bit of a unt. Still, everyone has their little foibles; my grandmother had an antique copper one that she used for impregnating mice, which she used to breed for her mouse research . It's thanks to her pioneering work in the Department of Mouseal Studies at Katomice University, Poland, that we know so much about Mices, such as: they enjoy cheese, and have little pink ears.

Rik's ears, on the other hand - no wait that can't be right - Rik's ears, on either side of his head, that's better, have evolved to twice the size of normal ears: consequently his hearing has become very acute, like that of a bat. Unfortunately, it's a cricket bat. Yes, he loves to hear the sound of leather on willow; except when the Biker dude out of the Vilage People is dry-humping a tree.

Rik also suffers from Affirmative Jereboam Repetition Syndrome; he can't say no to another bottle of champagne. If you want to get on the right side of him, book a P.A. system and sound desk exactly to his spec, and buy him a bottle of champers. Then stand on his left side, which, paradoxically, is also his right side.

Semi-Amazing Factoid!

Did you know that champagne bottle sizes are all named after people in the Bible - Jereboam, Nebuchadnezzar, Methuselah etc.? The exception is of course, the Magnum, which is named after a private Dick out of the Koran. Now there's two words you don't often see in the same sentence....!

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