The Stooges tour manager is

Henry McGroggan

Henry and Iggy Pop have been working together for quite a number of years

Henry and Iggy have been working together
for quite a number of years

Henry lives in Poland, and when not on tour with the Stooges he likes to stand on the balcony of his penthouse mansion in Warsaw, pretending to be Mussolini.

Although he was born in Scotland, Henry's favourite food is the delicate cuisine of Japan, and he likes nothing better, when chez lui {and sometimes even when he's at home}, than to prepare a feast of the most delectable sushi and sashimi, using the freshest and most sought-after ingredients {such as goldfish, for example, and warm monkey brains*}, expertly sliced and gently laid on a fluffy pillow of delicious sticky rice. Then he dips them in batter and deep-fries them. With a deep-fried Mars bar for pudding.

Of course, like all true Scotsmen - and here I'm thinking of such loyal stalwarts as Sean Connery and Rod Stewart, - he is rabidly aware of his roots, and still won't apologise to the English for Robert the Bruce. He often gets misty-eyed when thinking of his beloved home country; even more so when he thinks that, one day, he will have to go back there again.

I'm not being paid for this you know. It's a free advertisement for his company, which is called Central European Organisation, or CEO. The wonderful

Ania Marzec

does all the hard work. And she has an exceptional eye for fine art !
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* Don't quote me on this one. It looked liked monkey brains.

(By the way, I'm not really supposed to tell anyone this, but I do in fact know the secret of what a proud Scotsman wears underneath his kilt; a huge set of false genitalia...)