Har har, avast, and half-timber me shivers

Road Manager is

Eric Fischer

Eric lives in NOO YAWK City, and when not on tour with the Stooges he is singlehandedly renovating an old tugboat. I say singlehandedly because he had the other hand chopped off and replaced by a hook in a nasty but mowadays all too common pirating accident This was years ago, when he was a pirate.
(For reference purposes, the current pirate is roughly a dollar and a half per pie. Or is that just the rate for a currant pie?).

That's a question mark, a bracket and a fullstop, by the way, not a smiley face icon. I don't do faces..

Where was I? Eric...blah blah...having a tug...blah blah... Oh yes, He's been doing a lot of meta\lwork recently, which he claims is boring and riveting. Make your mind up Eric, for fuck's sake!

If you have any queries about the band's dressing rooms, transport requirements, or toilet areas,; or if you'd simply like to learn all the interesting fact about the Hudson River , then click on Eric's name, above the picture of Eric engaged in an epic battle against Godzilla, who seems to be disguised as Britney Spears .

Eric sometimes wears a patch on one eye. Well, there's nothing like a nicotine rush to the lachrynal gland ifirst thing in the morning...