The Stooges Singer is

I'll drink your soul...
he will drink your soul

Iggy Pop (real name - Ignatius Popplethwaite) was born out of a lady in Detroit, Michigan a number of years ago.

(To find a more exact date, subtract his age from the year it is now - Hey Presto!

I'm a roadie, not a mathematician.)

Iggy is only two fifths human, the rest being, er, something else. He lives on an island near Florida surrounded by man-eating sharks and crocodiles, which I believe he has befriended and tamed using his extra-terrestrial powers. So watch it, or they'll bite your bollocks off. Or if you'r e a woman, your tits.

Iggy likes diving for clams, cuddly things and Muffin the Mule (which is not a crime in that state), and if chosen to be the next Miss World, he would like to travel and meet people. Having said that, he does like to keep himself to himself; in fact, I've only ever met him twice, once via cloning, and once in a video-conference, and I've been working with him for thirty years!

It is a little known fact that Iggy is allergic to peanut butter, so much so that he refuses to play any venue that is less than half a mile from a supermarket. He is an expert Tai Chi-er, and he has the ability to walk along a carpet of butterflies, only squishing the ones that don't fly away. Although he is using it, Iggy has a rabid fear of technology, and co-incidentally, a technological fear of rabbits.

Iggy has the power to be in two places at once, as long as they are separated by a reasonable period of time.

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