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Our Journey

It all started as just an interest in bikes and riding. Lester, we realized it was not just interesting, and it is something more than that. Thus the journey of Joe Grain began.

Ride Planning

Every ride is unique and gives us new experiences. We make sure have a proper plan before the commencing of every ride.

Group Riding

Group riding is fun and exciting. To share the experiences of a ride with a group is definitely awesome.

Touring Smart

With the gadgets and tech coming up we make sure to use them in a proper way that benefits us in many aspects during the ride.

Our Riders

The Joe Grain Riders without second thoughts is one of the best in the country. The experience our riders have cannot be even compared with most of the riders.

We take to the streets with Harley Davidsons or hit the sands with beach cruisers.

Latest News & Events

Tips For Riding A Motorcycle In Traffic

Riding A Motorcycle

There are many things that you must be aware of when driving in traffic such as reading street signs, traffic lights and also the speed at which you are driving, not to mention the pedestrians walking across the street, looking to reach the other side of the road. There will also be drivers that irresponsibly read the morning papers or go through their phones while driving. You will not realize what the above said drivers are doing but you still need to anticipate what drivers are doing so as not to avoid accidents.

Since there riding through traffic can often be a daunting and hectic task, here are some tips and advice that will help you make the task a lot less hectic than it should be.

Riding A Motorcycle

1. Offramps

It is essential never to position yourself between a vehicle and an offramp since there are many that decide to exit in the blink of an eye and hence, put many vehicles at risk. Although riding on the right is generally not recommended, the only way to avoid being positioned between an offramp and a vehicle is to ride on the right when you’re closing in on an exit.


2. Anticipate the driver’s next move

In order to anticipate sudden moves and where the driver will go next, you need to regularly keep note of where the driver is looking or their head movements through their windows and mirrors as drivers more often than not, look towards the direction they are looking to turn.

Riding A Motorcycle

3. Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to monitor the traffic behind you, but the truth is, they do not provide all the required information. While they can be labeled a lifesaver, for the most part, you will still need to glace over your shoulder after you have checked the mirror to get enough information.

4. Make sure they know you’re there

Wear clothes that catch other drivers’ and pedestrians’ attention quickly so that you can ensure you are being seen. To add extra assurance, you can also turn on high beam during the day but make sure to turn it off when you’re waiting at a traffic signal. You can also wear a helmet or jacket that is colored brightly.Riding A Motorcycle

5. Brakes

There will be numerous situations where you have to react very fast and apply the brakes. At times like these, you need to be aware of where your brakes are and not panic. Hence, the front brakes must have a finger, and the back brakes must have at least a toe on it at all times.

Bike Maintenance Tips

Maintenance Tips

Many often commit the sin of not caring for their bike after the first few months or year. Doing so can harm the vehicle, and as a result, you will experience undesirable long-term effects. The importance of maintaining a bike cannot be stressed enough as regular maintenance is something of a necessity. Let us look at some tips that will help you maintain your bike and increase its longevity.

Maintenance Tips

1. Engine oil

The engine oil present in your vehicle must be checked from time to time as it ensures the motorcycle is running smoothly. If neglected for long, the oil may start leaking, or it may also begin depositing carbon which will cause the oil to thicken and as a result, cause drag in the engine. This the reason why you have to change the oil from time to time so that the engine isn’t harmed.

2. Tires

As far as the tires are concerned, you must check the pressure and the overall condition regularly so that it is up to the standards that the bike manufacturers recommend. If the tires aren’t changed for a long time, the treads on it may wear out which will result in a lesser grip. This will result in the loss of traction which will increase the likelihood of accidents. The tires can also blow up if it isn’t maintained properly. Another factor that must be checked is if the tire has endured cuts or scrapes that could lead to a possible blowout.

Maintenance Tips

3. Engine

Regular maintenance of the engine and its components is necessary so that the fuel efficiency isn’t reduced. Service and tune the engine yourself or hand the bike over to an expert who can service it for you if you aren’t confident enough to do it yourself. The carburetor and valve clearances are some of the most critical components that will need additional attention. Clean the carburetor and its chambers for every 1000 to 2000 kilometers. The gap in the spark plug is another nuance that must be checked and cleaned. The gap should also be set correctly. A replacement may also be in order if it doesn’t function properly. This is extremely important since the spark plug is responsible for conducting proper combustion in the engine.

4. Transmission maintenance

Make sure to use paraffin to clean the chain of the motorcycle. You also need to ensure that the chain is well lubricated apart from being clean. The chain will accumulate dirt and over time, cause it to improperly function. After this has been removed with the help of a cloth and soft brush, clean the chain entirely with paraffin.